- an evolving star system

seven stars is a fun experiment in minimalist web design. it's all coded on my ipad with Coda for iOS which is an intuitive and fun tool to use. seven stars is a personal archive and a playground!

how to create a simple webpage with an ipad!

I made my first webpage on a Mac circa 1995 using a clunky web based editor on a free hosting site called Homestead. I never learned much html thinking it would take too long to learn how to make anything cool. Later on, I taught myself html to make my professional website, for my psychotherapy practice. Even though I loved design and loved making things, the site I ended up creating was incredibly dull and dry.

Finally, in the last year, I started loosening up, treating web design more like a craft, like origami or woodworking, and finding the elegance in simple html and css building blocks, almost like building with lego.

neocities is awesome! but is it fun to code from my iPad?
stay tuned for my experiments!


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